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Optimum aerodynamics is the most effective and cheapest way to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 in long haul trucking.

We are - experts in truck aerodynamics and trucking efficiency. Our engineering and service offers are for manufacturers and fleets. With us you can take your components and vehicles to a new aerodynamic level. Because optimum aerodynamics are good for the environment and good for your TCO.

for fleets

Commercial vehicles are as diverse as the tasks for which they were created. We can calculate the fuel consumption and TCO of different vehicle and equipment variants for you so that you can make the best choice for your fleet. Your advantages: 

  • Lower costs and CO2 over the entire purchase period of your vehicles

  • Clear consumption values for your individual driving tasks

  • More electric range and fewer time-consuming charging processes on the road

Aerodynamics for manufacturers

Whether OEM or supplier, whether truck, trailer or coach: we optimize the aerodynamics of your vehicles and components. Your benefits: 

  • Aerodynamics help to achieve CO2 fleet targets.

  • Aerodynamics is cheaper than new engine technology or larger batteries.

  • Aerodynamics facilitates the introduction of trucks with electric drives.

Why optimal aerodynamics for commercial vehicles


On long-distance journeys, trucks and coaches use 30-60% of their energy just to overcome aerodynamic drag. We make sure that this is reduced. Look at a typical breakdown of consumption on long-distance journeys for a truck-trailer-combination (here diesel or electric). Aerodynamics offer the greatest potential for greater efficiency - regardless of the vehicle's powertrain:

 5% Auxiliaries:                      

They offer hardly any potential.

 5% Braking:                                        

Recuperation is possible, but offers little potential on long-haul journeys.

 44% Rolling:                                              

The potential of better tires is limited. Building lighter vehicles is very expensive and offers only little potential in long-haul.

50% Potential

 46% Aerodynamics:                                                            

The total improvement potential is approx. 50%. A truck-trailer-combination can have a cD value of 0.27 instead of 0.55. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption of 15-25%.

Who we are

We are Ingo Martin and Rainer Buffo. We have been working together on the aerodynamics of commercial vehicles since 2007. To make them much better. Because fuel consumption can be significantly lower, especially on long-haul journeys at high speeds. That's good for the climate and good for the economy. And that's what drives us.


What do you need to successfully implement great aerodynamics on trucks? Experience, inventiveness, expertise and a clear understanding of your daily business from all sides: from the perspective of costs, practice, the driver, the entrepreneur, politics and the manufacturer. You will find us at the steering wheel, under the chassis, talking to mechanics, working with customers or doing aerodynamic computer simulations for our customers.

Where we work

Our customers and partners are committed to making commercial vehicles more efficient and climate-friendly. We are proud that they rely on our know-how and services to get the job done. And that we can unite them for new solutions. Become a part of it.

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