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nexttruck for fleets

Costs are crucial for your fleet. So it should be a perfect fit. Many factors play an important role in the configuration of the fleet: acquisition costs, service network, maintenance and repair costs, the driver's wishes - and above all: fuel consumption. You know best when it comes to the first points. When it comes to fuel consumption and efficiency, we can calculate which vehicle configuration suits your driving tasks best - before you purchase. To do this, we use the latest calculation tools from commercial vehicle development.

It's worth comparing, example calculation:

  • You want to purchase 5 vehicles of similar configuration and are wavering between two options

  • You drive 120,000 km per year and vehicle

  • With a term of 5 years

  • You pay 1.50 EUR/L (net) for diesel

The difference between the two configuration's efficiencies can be 1.0 L/100km

The difference after 5 years: 45,000 EUR saved or overpaid along the way

  • There may also be additional potential due to the new EU CO2 toll. Use nexttruck to make a TCO-optimized decision for vehicle configurations with optimum fuel consumption in the optimum CO2 toll class.

Your individual consumption result in just a few steps with nexttruck

What you do

What we do

  1. Contact us and simply configure vehicles and routes by entering data in our nexttruck form.


  2. You can now use your report to read the facts about your fleet's efficiency and compare them with each other.

  1. We build the digital twin of your vehicles 1:1 from your specifications.

  2. Every vehicle configuration is different and differs particularly in terms of aerodynamics. We use high-precision aerodynamic simulations to determine the cD value of your vehicle. 

  3. Your vehicle parameters and your cD value go into a driving simulation, which calculates your fuel consumption for your specific driving tasks and routes.

  4. You receive a report with which you can compare the fuel consumption of your configurations.

An example of a check with nexttruck

  • Tractor:

    • Type: "My Tractor"

    • Unladen weight: 7,806 kg

    • EU tire class: C

    • Tire pressure: 8.5 bar

    • Engine: 500 hp, 12.8 L, Euro 6, ...

    • Axle ratio: 2.31

    • ...

  • Trailer​

    • Type: "My Trailer"

    • Unladen weight: 6,400 kg

    • EU tire class: C

    • Tire pressure: 9.0 bar​

    • ...

  • Route and job:

    • Route: 

      • From: Industriestrasse 1, 21107 Hamburg

      • To: Industriestrasse 2, 81245 Munich

      • And back

    • Cruise control speed on highways: 85 km/h

    • Payload: 13.8 t

An extract from the nexttruck form

This is your truck:

Volvo Render.PNG

This is your result:

31.5 L/100km

Use nexttruck now to...

  • get support for important decision-making for your next vehicle order.

  • find out whether and how energy efficiency measures, e.g. aerodynamic measures, pay off for you.

  • reach a better CO2-road toll class if it pays off for you.

  • avoid mistakes when purchasing equipment that increases fuel consumption.

  • combine trailer and tractor in the best possible way.

  • be able to determine the consumption for your next driving job more precisely.

  • successfully plan the switch from diesel to BEV or FCEV vehicles.

  • monitor and identify successes and targets for your ESG or ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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