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consulting and development
for tomorrow's mobility.

With our service and know-how we will transform the aerodynamics of your vehicles and components so that they move more easily - for less CO2, more range, better TCO. For a modern and sustainable transport an ambitious, realistic, and professional aerodynamic mindset is needed. This is Understanding the complex aerodynamics of vehicles is our expertise. Offering practical and holistic solutions our job. Teaming up so that you can make the next leap our natural way of working.                                               

" combines aerodynamics and economy for a greener future."



Moving aerodynamically is smart and good for the environment. We are driven to make a difference.

A major cause of energy consumption of ground-based mobility (trains, trucks, cars, etc.) is aerodynamic drag. Take trucks on long haul as an example: Today, 40-50 % of a truck's driving energy (diesel fuel, battery capacity, hydrogen) is spent on overcoming the aerodynamic drag. That's lost energy and a burden for TCO. We see great potential in optimizing trucks and trailers - on three levels. In future, a truck can have an aerodynamic drag coefficient like todays cars - and still be fully operational.

Advanced aerodynamics accelerates into the future of electric sustainable transport.

And this is why: On a fossil-fueled vehicle less CO2 is emitted - helping us to phase out of fossil CO2 emissions sooner. On an electrically powered vehicle (no matter the energy source) the range is longer, and less precious energy and less charging infrastructure are needed - helping us to phase into zero-emission-vehicles sooner. It's like suddenly having access to better batteries, more green hydrogen, or more infrastructure. Improved aerodynamics speeds up the clock towards green mobility.

202208 Transition Fossil Renewable.png

We not only understand and speak aerodynamic fluently. Our vocabulary also includes all its related topics.

Combined, we have over 30 years hands on experience in dealing with vehicle aerodynamics. For us, an aerodynamic improvement is not a proper solution until we're satisfied with the aerodynamic performance, all your practical requirements are met, and all other dependencies are considered. That's the essence of our design process - no matter the vehicle case.

Focus or big picture?
This is the spectrum of what we offer.

Who we address

  • OEMs of vehicles, trucks, trailers, cars

  • Suppliers, vehicle designers and component manufacturers

  • Fleet owners and shippers

  • Associations and policy makers

Workbench at a glimpse

  • High-end CAD- and CFD-tooling

  • Automotive design suites

  • En route performance and energy consumption predictions

  • Consumption and savings testing: On real missions or via certified track testing

What the challenge might be

  • Exterior and interior components optimization

  • Holistic vehicle optimization: Trucks, trailers, cars, vans, mobile homes

  • Interactive effects between different systems and subsystems

  • Design and optimization of aerodynamic body kits and devices

  • Cooling optimization for powertrains, components, and other applications

  • Consulting regarding the real TCO benefit of aerodynamic measures

  • Future mobility concepts

How we work.

We are your extended workbench.
We structure first. Then we create.
We integrate fast into your expert teams.
We adjust to the speed of your design process.
We believe that collaboration brings innovation.
We will make your project to our sleepless nights.
We focus on the job - and think with you left and right.
We work down to earth. And we also think out of the box. 
We help you unleash the aerodynamic potential of your product.

A little bit about us. Let's get in touch. 

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Martin

  • Mechanical- and Aerospace-Engineer from RWTH Aachen University

  • Research on flight dynamics and AI flow sensors

  • 15 years aerodynamics expert in trucking and automotive

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Buffo

  • Mechanical- and Aerospace-Engineer from RWTH Aachen University

  • Research on dynamics and stability of aircraft wing-tip vortices

  • 15 years aerodynamics expert in trucking and automotive

Address GmbH

Gottfried-Hagen-Straße 60-62

51105 Cologne


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